Welcome to iGov

reston bldg 106x100iGov is a successful systems integrator recognized for its areas of expertise and leadership within strategic markets.  We concentrate our efforts on a few strong markets where we have a competitive advantage and we have earned a reputation as one of the top players in those markets.
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We Value our People

cbp-homeAt iGov, our people are the value we offer our customers. We are customer-focused, loyal and patriotic. We are here to help you complete the mission by the most efficient and effective means possible.
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iGov has been a proud supporter of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) for the past 4 years, and was most recently a sponsor of the "Tribute to Special Operations Forces -- Honoring the Horse Soldiers" event. To learn more about SOWF, please visit www.specialops.org.


Why iGov?

  • We are mission-focused
  • We serve a select customer base
  • We consider our customers our partners
  • We take professionalism seriously

Research and Development

research-and-development.jpgiGov's R&D team is on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, identifying hidden value in current technology and determining how to optimally overcome implementation barriers, all in concert to provide our customers with the best available technology.