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Combat Operations Center (COC)

The Combat Operations Center (COC) AN/TSQ-239(V) is used throughout the Marine Air-Ground Task Force to provide United States Marine Corps (USMC) commanders with a common, integrated, modular, scalable, and mission-tailorable C2 system to support all Marine elements at every echelon. The COC’s integrated hardware and software solution interfaces to other USMC assets, ensuring that USMC/Joint and Coalition commanders have accurate situational awareness for timely C2 decisions. The scope of iGov’s effort includes suites of computer hardware and software, networking and communications capabilities, and updates to physical facilities and infrastructure elements such as shelter liners and printers.

COC Brochure (pdf)

The COC program leverages our C2 expertise to support a wide range of COC functions:

  • Fully functional and transportable operational facility
  • Integrated facilities, IT infrastructure, intercom, and video
  • Existing baseline integration in support of a Tactical Service Oriented Architecture
  • Building-block approach to three COC system variants
  • Command-level C2 information during all aspects of Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare
  • Mobile, modular C2 centers across the tactical command from battalion to divisional level
  • Multiple networks (SIPRNET, NIPRNET, and coalition) for security and accessibility

The goal of the Hardware Modernization Effort was to identify opportunities for modernization; standardization; size, weight, and power (SWAP) reduction; and replacement of end of life (EOL) components. iGov’s solution improves performance, functionality, and flexibility while reducing overall SWAP through approaches that include:

  • Providing a common hosting platform
  • Increasing capability, including processing power, network throughput, and storage
  • Maintaining current functionality with no degradation to current COC functionality, usability, or existing metrics
  • Providing a modular and scalable solution
  • Addressing EOL issues
  • Enhancing equipment, commonality, and virtualization to decrease the total number of components
  • Improving reliability, availability, and maintainability performance across COC variants
  • Simplifying baseline management
  • Reducing operational and life cycle support costs

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