Past Successes

iGov has a successful history as a trusted Federal contractor. Our longevity results from our highly-skilled resource base and the customer-centric approach we practice throughout the service life cycle.

Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) I Overview

TACLAN is the tactical equivalent of the SOF C4I Automation System (C4IAS) and a critical part of the SOF Information Enterprise (SIE). It provides automation infrastructure and common user applications to interconnect deployed SOF headquarters, main operating locations, tactical teams, and liaison elements. Functioning as an interface between the SOF warfighter and the Global Information Grid, TACLAN provides seamless, interoperable networks for the smallest team through a Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) headquarters, facilitating responsive knowledge-based decisions. 
TACLAN I Brochure


  • Quick Deployment
  • Scalable and Modular
  • Common Network Infrastructure
  • Secure Communications
  • Ruggedized
  • Adaptable


Over the past 10 years, iGov facilitated USSOCOM’s ability to optimize the delivery, performance, and maintenance of the entire TACLAN Family of Systems in all operational environments.

Full Suite/C2 Suite

Mission Planning Kit

USMC Tactical Collaborative Work Suite (TCWS) Overview

iGov's TCWS 2.0 Virtual Hosting Platform (TCWS 2.0 VHP) is a man-portable tactical collaborative system that provide portal, synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration capabilities to support the warfighter in any environment. It consists of virtualized hosting and software platforms and segmented physical hardware and virtualized software platforms. Our solution produced a significantly smaller, more operator-friendly expeditionary platform than pre-existing systems.
TCWS Brochure


  • Program Efficiency
  • Training and Logistics
  • Innovation Engineering


The capabilities provided by TCWS allow the warfighter to deploy, manage, and maintain tactical and collaborative services.

  • Expeditionary
  • Robust Offering
  • Maintainable Solutions

Surveillance Platforms Overview

iGov received, transported, and refitted two government-furnished video surveillance platforms. Working closely with the contracting officer’s technical representative, we provided design drawings, as built drawings, and audio & video wiring schematics. We also upgraded all of the surveillance systems, delivering on time and below budget.


  • Increased Situational Awareness
  • Real Time Data Capture
  • Unlawful Activity Prevention


iGov provided the design and end-to-end system integration of configurable suites that receive audio and video data from input devices. We ensured that the platform was designed ergonomically, keeping the comfort of the users in mind.

  • Audio and Video Data Capture
  • Fully Integrated Suite

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) MeshNet Overview

iGov designed, developed, and deployed a cutting edge IP mesh node system of 30 Cobham robust IP mesh networking wireless radios and antennas. When connected and combined with a wireless mesh system, the radios and antennas provided connectivity for 8 additional radios, wireless cameras, and infrared systems, all on a single frequency.
MeshNet Brochure


  • Expandability
  • Independent Operations


The iGov solution allowed for operation of multiple interconnected, self-healing meshes in the same area. It provided composite video and audio options in addition to web browser mapping software.

  • IP Mesh Capability
  • Streaming Video
  • GPS Interface