Integrated Systems

iGov’s outstanding personnel are the foundation of our services. Talented engineers collaborate with certified helpdesk teams and technicians to research, design, engineer, deploy, and sustain COTS and GOTS technologies for compelling, mission-centric solutions.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Solutions

iGov provides a variety of tactical ISR capabilities to assist military and other Government organizations in the collection, processing, analysis, exploitation, and dissemination of timely and relevant information. Our solutions work synergistically with language translation and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) support services.

Tactical Communications

Increased battlefield complexity increases the warfighter's need for tactical communications and self-forming/self-healing mobile ad hoc networks to extend C2 operation connectivity. iGov is experienced with common communications equipment and operational software applications, tactical PCs and servers, intercommunications, and LAN/WAN systems. Our solutions enable the mobile force to collaborate, access information resources, and exchange voice, video, and data information for multiple classifications of information while on the move or at the halt while meeting net-centric C2 requirements.

Enterprise Networking

iGov is a developer, integrator, and manufacturer of tactically deployed computer networking solutions, ranging from man-packable to Tactical Operation Center and Joint Task Force Headquarters variants. Our solutions are tailored to support mission planning activities and capable of sustaining long-term contingency operations across multiple enclaves. Our ruggedized server, storage, and routing capabilities are scalable for up to 300 users per enclave and can be configured and fully operational within hours using our menu-driven configurator and deployment tool.

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization is a proven software technology that allows multiple operating systems and applications to run simultaneously on the same server. iGov is fluent in this technology, which is transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way technology is used. Our virtualized solutions increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability and produce significant cost savings. Workloads are deployed faster, performance and availability increase, and operations are automated, resulting in IT that is simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate.

Expeditionary/Tactical Systems

iGov creates system solutions with the equipment, material, and specialized tactical products and services necessary for mission support of expeditionary forces worldwide. We are experts at all activities associated with the program management, development, production, fielding, and sustainment of DoD systems across the entire life cycle.


Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) Systems

iGov is an industry leader in the design, development, production, and sustainment of multi-platform tactical systems. We have conducted over 30,000 installations in or on critical platforms since 2004, and we employ experienced, certified engineers and logisticians across the full spectrum of C4 systems and platforms.

Everything-over-IP (EOIP)

EOIP provides voice, video, radio, and data over a single integrated system. iGov can provide solutions for fixed, tactical, and mobile environments. Our solutions permit easy transition from analog to digital communications for all systems to create a more scalable and agile architecture.