Technical Support

Technical support needs vary and evolve over time. To ensure the success of your IT investment, iGov provides personalized support that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Research & Development (R&D)

iGov's R&D identifies and develops technologies that reduce the effort required for training, installation, and migration while improving system usability in the field. The result is improved performance and simplified technology. Close monitoring of potential end-of-life (EOL) issues and modernization roadmaps enables us to identify and recommend replacement component options.

Information Technology (IT) Support

iGov delivers the comprehensive IT support services necessary to maintain and protect your operational environment. Our integrated, platform-agnostic services include service desk, system and network administration, cyber operations, and end-to-end training. Our flexible service-level management is designed to prevent problems and rapidly resolve issues.

Engineering Services

Engineering services are a core capability of iGov. Our team provides support across the entire engineering life cycle from conception to deployment. Certified technical experts and experienced program management leaders apply proven business and technical processes based on CMMI, ISO 9001:2015, and the PMI’s Program Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

iGov draws from internal R&D, major industry forum participation, Gartner, and academic partnerships to provide subject matter expertise across a breadth of management and technical domains. Our areas of expertise include systems engineering, cyber security, process improvement, and logistic support.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

iGov provides a variety of tactical ISR capabilities to assist military and other government organizations. Our solutions work synergistically with language translation and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) services for the collection, processing, analysis, exploitation, and dissemination of timely and relevant information.

Curriculum Development 
and Production

For over a decade, iGov developed and delivered instructor-led training to U.S. Special Operations Forces and the U.S. Marine Corps. We provide instruction at a level that best suits a clients' learning needs and ensure that students internalize new knowledge and can apply it with confidence. Our forward-deployed, in-theater training helps drive mission success.